January Technical Tip: How to Contribute to the Express Software Identification Database

One of the likely reasons you invested in Express Software Manager is because of its outstanding software recognition.  We can all thank the Express Software Identification Database (ESID) for that.  Under development for over a decade, the ESID is recognized throughout the industry as the most accurate and comprehensive database of commercial applications, enabling proper identification of software installed and used across corporate desktops and servers.

Despite the database’s completeness, there will likely be occasions that you find one or more unrecognized applications within your environment.  If this is ever the case, be sure to use the machine scanning technology found within Express Software Manager to capture the information needed to add the application(s) to the ESID!  It takes just a few minutes, and helps ensure there are no gaps in your IT asset reporting.

To contribute unrecognized apps to the ESID, simply follow the steps below:

1.  Open the Express Administrative Console, and go to the Machines panel.

2.  Right-click the machine you want to scan, and click Contribute to the ESID.

3.  Complete all information in the dialog box (do NOT check the box labeled “Send application scan file later”), and click OK.

4.  Repeat the above steps on any other machine(s) of your choice.

You’ve probably noticed that every so often, we run a contest where we provide monetary incentives for your machine scans, in addition to entering you in a drawing to win a cool gift.  Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming opportunity to enter!  Or, simply contribute scans at your convenience to keep the ESID tops in the industry!


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Lance Kuykendall has worked with Express Metrix since 2007 and has been in the field of software support and technical training for over 20 years.

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