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November’s New Feature Spotlight: Automatic ESID Contributions

Over the months ahead, we will be highlighting in our blog the new features found in Express Software Manager Version 10.  One of the most exciting features, in my opinion, is the ability to configure Express Software Manager to automatically contribute unrecognized applications discovered on your networks to the Express Software Identification Database (ESID). Q:  What, exactly, is the purpose of this feature? A:  This feature, when enabled, scans computers in your environment that have...

Reflections on TagVault’s 2012 Software Identification Summit

[TagVault is a non-profit organization that serves as a registration and certification authority for software ID tags based on the ISO/IEC international standard.] For those of you who have, at some point in your lives, been frustrated and/or overwhelmed by the ominous challenges related to software recognition, you may be aware that there’s an international effort dedicated to solving the problem.  Last week I attended TagVault’s 2012 Software Identification Summit, whose purpose...

January Technical Tip: How to Contribute to the Express Software Identification Database

One of the likely reasons you invested in Express Software Manager is because of its outstanding software recognition.  We can all thank the Express Software Identification Database (ESID) for that.  Under development for over a decade, the ESID is recognized throughout the industry as the most accurate and comprehensive database of commercial applications, enabling proper identification of software installed and used across corporate desktops and servers. Despite the database’s...

Introducing Apptria Technologies

apptria-logo-large      You may have heard rumblings about this, but it’s now official:  today we announced the spin-off of a new business entity that will focus its development efforts exclusively on further expansion and enhancement of the software catalog used within Express Software Manager.  We’re all very excited that our software recognition offerings are receiving additional resources and focus; this is great news both for Express Software Manager users, as well as for our OEM partners. ...

Takeaways from Last Week’s SWID Summit in DC

The following blog post, written by Kris Barker (Express Metrix Co-founder and CEO), is in reference to the Software Identification Summit, which was held in Washington D.C. on May4th.  According to TagVault, the event sponsor, “The software identification summit is designed to provide a forum for all software ecosystem members to discuss the future of software identification and discuss how these issues can be addressed in an authoritative fashion today with existing tools and...

20 Years of Software Identification Challenges Will Persist Well Into the Standardized Tagging Era

The following bylined article can also be found in the April issue of IAITAM’s ITAK Magazine and the April edition of FAST IiS Kaleidoscope. Since the dawn of the desktop era, IT departments have struggled to keep track of software installed across their corporate networks.  Accurate software inventories are crucial to ensuring installed applications are properly licensed, understanding whether or not they’re being used, and budgeting for future software purchases. ...
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