Kris Barker, Co-founder and CEO

As CEO of Express Metrix, Kris plays a key role in all business aspects of the company and works with the other co-founders to ensure we take care of our most important asset: our employees. Kris leads a strong organization of passionate software developers who plan and develop Express Metrix products. He focuses not only on product strategy, but also on the individual features that set Express Metrix products apart from other IT asset management solutions in the market. Due to his expertise with both the technical and business issues relating to IT asset management, he is frequently invited to speak at leading industry conferences, including IAITAM's and ECPWeb's annual summits.

Kris is also a professional educator, with more than 10 years of experience teaching higher-education students Web development and software programming skills. Kris has a BS in aeronautical engineering from the University of Washington and has worked in both development and management positions at WRQ, DEC, and Boeing. He loves competitive sailing, sings in a local choral group, designs and supports several local non-profit web sites, and enjoys debating the finer points related to proper use of the English language.

Dawson Stoops, Co-founder and VP of Worldwide Sales

Dawson spends much of his time working on the financial and strategic direction for Express Metrix. He also works closely with the marketing, sales and business development teams to ensure the company's strategic arms are working in a unified manner.

Dawson has a BBA in economics from the University of Alaska Anchorage and an MBA in finance from Seattle University. Before co-founding Express Metrix, Dawson held both technical and finance roles at WRQ. An Alaska native, Dawson is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys skiing, fishing, boating, and cycling 13 miles to work in the driving Seattle rain. He talks an awful lot about writing a book and completing an Ironman Triathlon, but we're still waiting.

Jeff Kelsey, Co-founder and VP of Products

Jeff is responsible for helping to define Express Metrix's corporate strategy and determining how the product line must evolve to achieve the company's strategic goals. As part of this, Jeff oversees the development and implementation of the product roadmap and manages the technical support staff that help our customers get the most out of their investment in Express Metrix's technology. His passion is delivering quality products to our customers based on their stated requirements and following through with outstanding support and service. An expert both in the business and technology of IT asset management, Jeff is frequently tapped to share his expertise at industry conferences.

Jeff has a BA in education from Eastern Washington University and has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years. He began as a business analyst for Boeing Computer Services and spent the next eight years working for Wall Data and WRQ. During that time, he worked as a technical support engineer, systems engineer, and managed the WRQ North American Systems Engineers. When he's not working, Jeff enjoys his 20 mile bicycle commute and geo-caching with his family.