Express Metrix Partners


Express Metrix is pleased to partner with resellers in a variety of ways that are tailored to their unique business models and areas of customer focus.

Premier Solutions Partners

Express Metrix Premier Solutions Partners are committed to building IT asset management solutions around Express Software Manager. They enjoy the most favorable reseller margins and receive the highest level of technical, sales, and marketing support from Express Metrix. Leads and revenues are protected with a defined deal registration process.

Certified Partners

Express Metrix Certified Partners generally resell Express Software Manager alongside other IT asset management products and solutions. They receive competitive margins, along with personalized Express Metrix sales training and marketing support appropriate to mutually agreed-upon sales targets. Leads and revenues are protected with a defined deal registration process.

Registered Partners

Express Metrix Registered partners transact ad hoc deals of Express Software Manager, with as-needed access to sales and marketing support, as well as a defined deal registration process.

Private Label Partners

Express Metrix Private Label Partners re-brand Express Software Manager with their own corporate identities, incorporate the product into their existing portfolio of offerings, and sell it directly to customers. Partners who select this option receive the highest discounted product margin incentives.

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Consulting Partners

Express Metrix is proud to partner with consulting firms that utilize our products to help their clients prepare for software audits, identify opportunities to reduce licensing costs and implement comprehensive software asset management programs. Below are just a few of the consulting partners with whom we work.

  • Sam
  • Buchanan
  • Cynthia Farren
  • Softaid
  • SMS

Industry Alliances

Express Metrix has established strategic partnerships with key IT asset management industry organizations, as well as with companies whose technologies are used by organizations worldwide. Below is a partial list of industry partners we work with continuously to promote and optimize software asset management programs within organizations.

  • Citrix
  • Microsoft
  • BSA
  • SIIA
  • FAST

Express Metrix's tool is a solution that enterprises can count on to effectively manage their software assets." J.F. Rivera, Director of Software Asset Management, Microsoft