Why Express Metrix?

Express Software Manager, like many IT asset management products, offers world-class hardware inventory, software inventory, software metering, and IT purchasing tracking—giving you critical visibility and control over your IT assets.

But that's where the similarities end. To fully understand what makes Express Software Manager different from other solutions in the marketplace, it's often helpful to explain what the product is NOT.

  • It is NOT a complex infrastructure product that requires weeks or months to deploy, several staff, or specialized knowledge. It's straightforward, intuitive, and on average takes just a few hours to deploy.
  • It is NOT an enterprise suite where depth of analysis is sacrificed for breadth of functionality. Software license management is central to our products, not an "add-on" to deployment or help desk functionality. We've developed our expertise over 18+ years, and our laser-focus on licensing is unparalleled.
  • It is NOT a low-end inventory tool that leaves you with more questions than answers. Express Software Manager saves you time by actually analyzing collected data, so you don't spend countless hours trying to do it yourself.
  • It does NOT rely on inaccurate or incomplete methods of software recognition. Unlike most products, Express Software Manager utilizes a software identification database to accurately recognize the wide range of software installed and used across your network, a critical methodology for thoroughly understanding your license position. (Learn why good software recognition is so important.)
  • It does NOT lack support for critical technologies like Citrix, Windows Terminal Server, and virtual applications.
  • It does NOT lack application control functionality that's vital in effectively managing license compliance and security risks.
  • We are NOT a large, faceless company. When the phone rings, a live human answers, and customers rave about our support. In a survey conducted by an independent research firm, customers gave our support team a score of 4.5 out of 5.0—top marks in an increasingly outsourced and automated world.

Express Software Manager is a rock-solid product backed by our passionate personal investment in our customers. Most importantly, we stick to what we know best: IT asset management.

I've used Express Metrix products for years. They continually make better and better solutions. They're always moving forward, making meaningful improvements all the time." Peter Theis, Director of IT, Roger Ferris & Partners

Everybody I've dealt with at Express has been fantastic. It's been a delightful experience working with them." Keith Phillips, Systems Engineer, Attorneys' Title Insurance Fund

Express saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars. It has paid for itself many times over. But our return on investment is also in the intangibles… confidence, peace of mind, a sense of control." Leo Gildone, Workstation Team Leader, Standard Life of Canada