Customer Facts

Trying to get a better sense for the customers we serve? Every organization, no matter what its size or industry, benefits from improved oversight over IT assets, and we've seen some trends emerge over the many years we've been in the business of hardware and software asset management. Here are few interesting facts about our customer base:

  • Express Metrix recently welcomed its 5,000th customer!
  • Though some customers have a one-time need to conduct an organization-wide software audit, our average customer is maintained for approximately five years, though we have dozens of customers dating back over twelve years.
  • Our customers represent a wide range of industries, but we have a noticeable concentration among state and local government agencies (due to their strict compliance mandates) and manufacturing firms (due to substantial investments in CAD software that warrant usage monitoring).
  • The most common characteristic among our customers is a stated need to effectively and efficiently manage software licenses in an effort to reduce compliance risk and licensing costs.
  • Our customers range in size from 25 to 48,000 seats, and our typical customer falls within the range of 300 to 5,000 seats. We believe small and medium-sized businesses have been traditionally underserved by a market saturated with expensive enterprise suites and low-end inventory tools, but few premium—yet affordable—point products.
  • In a survey conducted by a 3rd party research firm, the three areas in which customers said we consistently stand out over competitive products are:
    • Comprehensiveness and accuracy of reporting
    • Products that are easy to deploy and use
    • Outstanding customer support

I've used Express Metrix products for years. They continually make better and better solutions. They're always moving forward, making meaningful improvements all the time." Peter Theis, Director of IT, Roger Ferris & Partners

Everybody I've dealt with at Express has been fantastic. It's been a delightful experience working with them." Keith Phillips, Systems Engineer, Attorneys' Title Insurance Fund

Express saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars. It has paid for itself many times over. But our return on investment is also in the intangibles… confidence, peace of mind, a sense of control." Leo Gildone, Workstation Team Leader, Standard Life of Canada