Use Express Software Manager, Inventory Edition, for FREE

Up to 1000 Machines, Forever, No Strings Attached

You may be wondering why we offer our software license compliance solution for free. Well, it's pretty simple: we believe no company should live in dread of a software audit.

Being prepared for a software audit starts with an accurate, comprehensive inventory of your organization's hardware and software assets. You'll find all this, plus world-class software compliance reporting, within Express Software Manager's free software inventory tool. In addition, you may use the full Express Software Manager software license management suite—which includes software usage tracking and a powerful IT purchasing system on half of your allocated machines—for 60 days, with no obligation to buy anything, ever.

To download Express Software Manager, Inventory Edition, simply register below. You will immediately receive a custom license key via email to activate the product on up to 1000 machines, based on the information you specify below.

Server (up to 1000 seats)
Workstation (only up to 25 seats permitted)