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Express Software Manager is a software inventory tool that discovers and identifies all the software installed on your Microsoft Windows and Mac OS desktops, laptops, and servers—taking the guesswork out of what's installed across your network. More importantly, it automatically reconciles discovered applications with purchasing details, so you know where you're under-licensed and at risk in the event of a software audit.

Express Software Manager uses a proprietary software identification database to recognize the countless executables found on your network turning raw data into complete and reliable reports. Express Software Manager's software inventory reports are license-centric, giving you exactly the information you need to prepare for software audits, ensure license compliance, and make informed decisions about your software investments.

With Express Software Manager software inventory software, you can:

  • Discover and identify the software installed across your network
  • Stay compliant with license agreements by uncovering unlicensed copies of installed software (learn more)
  • Identify what's newly installed—and potentially harmful—on your network
  • Track purchasing and contractual details related to software licenses (learn more)
  • Maintain Microsoft Windows Server operating system compliance by tracking both physical and virtual licensing requirements (learn more)

Next, learn about Express Software Manager's hardware inventory features.

Don’t Take OUR Word for it…

Here's what our customers say about Express Software Manager's software inventory capabilities:

If it weren't for Express Software Manager, we'd have to visit all 1200 PCs in 17 offices and create a manual report. To do a physical application inventory, it would take one month. But with Express Software Manager, all it takes is a click.

Keith Phillips, Systems Engineer,
Attorneys' Title Insurance Fund

We looked at several different vendors including Microsoft and Altiris. Express Software Manager was easier to learn, easier to use, and was substantially less money for seats and yearly maintenance fees. There are also free software inventory tools available online but they stop being effective at 75-or-so seats. But we didn't trade anything for price. We felt like we'd found exactly what we were looking for.

Will McManus, IT Director,
Dynamic Systems

Express Software Manager is one of the few management applications I actually enjoy using during the month because of the ease of use and simplicity of the presentation of the data it collects. And auto recognition of software using a database that is updated monthly reduces a lot of manual work.

Anthony DeHart, IT Manager,
Erie Building Materials