Software License Management Software

Express Software Manager provides comprehensive software license management capabilities, so you can ensure your organization is neither under-licensed nor over-licensed. Express Software Manager automatically discovers the applications installed across your network, reconciles software inventory with imported license details, and pinpoints exactly which installed applications require more licenses—so you can correct your license deficits before you get audited.

In addition, Express Software Manager provides software usage analysis, so you can easily identify which licenses aren't being used. With this information, you can save money by reallocating or terminating maintenance on unused software or renegotiating your license agreements to reflect actual usage patterns. When such savings are weighed against the costs of correcting license shortages, most organizations come out significantly ahead.

Finally, Express Software Manager provides application control functionality that permits you to enforce license agreements for usage-based license agreements; you can set and control peak usage limits, create wait lists, and alert users when licenses come available.

Express Software Manager gives you confidence in your license position by letting you:

  • Minimize license compliance risk by identifying and correcting license shortfalls
  • Prepare for software audits by running compliance reports by manufacturer and/or application
  • Save money by identifying and re-allocating (or discontinuing support on) unused licenses
  • Comply with usage-based license models by monitoring and enforcing peak usage limits
  • Evaluate your Microsoft license position through automated calculation of product use rights and consideration of both physical and virtual environments
  • Manage licenses in Windows, Citrix/Terminal Server, and virtualized environments