Express Software Manager® Version 12.1

We are currently shipping version 12.1 of Express Software Manager (ESM). Maintained customers may upgrade to version 12.1 at no cost.

Product Enhancements In Version 12.1

Upgraded Reports Generation Engine - Express Software Manager 12.1 reports now are HTML5 based and no longer require Adobe Flash.

Upgraded support for Cherwell Service Management-based authentication - Express Software Manager supports the latest integration interfaces to CSM.

Product Enhancements In Version 12.0

Network Device Discovery

Express Software Manager 12.0 allows you collect information about network devices such as printers, routers, and switches.

  • Collect basic information about network devices in your environment that are SNMP enabled
  • Configure discovery to find devices by IP address, name, or IP subnet
  • Add custom properties and custom OIDs to the default collection
    • Integrated Authentication

      Express Software Manager (ESM) can use Cherwell Service Management to manage ESM users.

      • Use Cherwell Service Management (CSM) to manage users and rights authorization for ESM functionality
      • Use CSM to create teams for purchasing access profiles

      Updated support for the ESM mApp

      New views have been added to provide additional data visibility within Cherwell Service Management through the ESM mApp.

      Hosted Express Software Manager

      ESM, when purchased with CSM, can be deployed in a cloud-hosted environment.

      • Have Cherwell manage most back-end ESM components
      • Remove the burden of managing IIS and SQL Server for your ESM installation
      • Remove the burden of upgrading most ESM components for future releases

      Product Enhancements In Version 11.1

      • Enhancements to Express License Analytics via adds drill-down reports to the Product Worksheet data which provide more detail about license requirements and purchases used in the analysis.
      • Express Client collection of Windows Services information as a part of inventory.
      • Express Client XML library updates (MSXML6).

      Product Enhancements In Version 11.0

      Application of Product Use Rights to Compliance Calculations

      Express Software Manager Version 11.0 allows you to automate Microsoft compliance calculations based on product use rights.

      • Determine Microsoft product use rights based on the type of agreement under which the software was purchased
      • Apply product use rights (upgrade and downgrade rights) to compliance calculations for Microsoft Office applications and Microsoft Windows desktop and server operating systems
      • Ascertain Microsoft Windows Server compliance in Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware virtual environments based on physical and virtual licenses required

      Expanded Virtual Machine Discovery

      Express Software Manager 11.0 ships with a new agent-less discovery method that enables you to ensure compliance for Microsoft Windows Server licenses.

      • Identify VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V guest-to-host relationship, and generate comprehensive reporting on the association of physical hosts and virtual guests
      • Detailed license compliance reporting that considers both physical and virtual attributes

      Support for Stock Keeping Units (SKUs)

      With Express Software Manager, you can now validate stock-keeping units (SKUs) for software you've purchased using a SKU service within the Express Software Identification Database (ESID).

      • Auto-populate purchasing data based on SKU lookup capabilities
      • Access detailed descriptions of purchased hardware and software based on SKUs

      Contract Management Enhancements

      Express Software Manager 11.0 provides the ability to track contractual information and apply licensing rules based on the nature of the contracts you've purchased.

      • Associate contracts and agreements with their corresponding products
      • Store and manage IT contract information including contract dates, renewals, product use rights, and more
      • Create custom fields for stored contracts

      Classification of Software by Purchase Requirement

      Express Software Manager now allows you to classify applications based on whether they require a purchase to properly license them.

      • View which software titles require that licenses be purchased
      • Filter software reports based on whether purchases are (or are not) required
      • Sort software based on purchase requirement in Administrative Console

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